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Hello, I am Aaron currently based in San Francisco.

Experienced software engineer and co-creator of beekeeper-cli, a backend-as-a-service application for deploying ephemeral virtual waitrooms. I spent most of the past year inside of a small room and a bright screen, untangling the complexities of "Hello, World" while avoiding the spread of a deadly virus. As of yet, World has not responded.

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Beekeeper is an open-sourced Backend as a Service (BaaS) built to handle bursty traffic from one-off events like a sale or promotion.

Built with Node.js, and AWS S3, DynamoDB, API Gateway, SQS, and Lambda. Beekeeper is a CLI tool, used to deploy ephemeral virtual waitrooms to keep your site up and running in the event of overwhelming traffic.

Website and white paper

Learn more about Beekeeper. See the team that built it, and read the whitepaper.

Use Beekeeper

Download the Beekeeper cli to deploy your own virtual waitrooms.

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View the code, clone it, contribute


API-Q is an api testing tool which allows you to send HTTP requests and view the request/response details immediately, or schedule them for later without the need to set up your own server. Built with Psql, Node, Express and React.

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Start testing APIs immediately, or learn how to test your first API with our walkthrough. You can even test it out without sharing your email or any other personal information.

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View the code. Clone it, tweak it.


Sealbin is a tool for viewing, debugging, and developing webhooks. Built with Node.js, socket.io, and psql

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Create a free bin, and start sending webhook/post requests to the provided bin URL

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View the code, and learn more about webhooks